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Friday, 26 February 2016

Selcol Products Limited - Selmer Company - Selmer Musical Instruments Ltd. - 'Vogue'

Selmer (Plastics Division), 114-16 Charing Cross Road, London, WC1, UK
Selcol, 114 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2, UK
Selmer Company, 1st floor, 126, Charing Cross Road, London, WC 2, UK
Selmer Musical Instruments Ltd., Selmar House, Charing Cross Road, London WC2, UK (Gala, MPI, Selmer-Selcol head office, showroom)
Theobalds Road, Holborn, London, UK (Selmer - amplifiers and organ manufacture)
Clerkenwell Road, London, UK (group warehouse)
Swanfield (?), Woolpack Lane, Braintree, Essex, UK (Selcol plastics factory / record press)

Tel: Temple-0444
Cables / Telegrams: SELMATONE.LONDON

1928-1980/82 (Selmer/MPI/CMI)
1953-1968 (Selcol, continuing as Selcol-Fairchild until 1978)

See also: Best, Bonux, Fairchild (for '2nd life' of Selcol), Gala Goldentone (for Selcol records) and Strombecker

Ben Davis - Founder of UK arm, Brian Jones - managing director (Braintree Plant), Mr John Cochrane - Chairman & MD (1965-1972),

1919 - Selmer factory opened at Mantes, near Paris
1928 - Ben Davis establishes the Selmer Company in London,
1932 - UK business moves to larger premises
Post War - Lew Davis; Ben's brother, joins the company
1953 - MPI formed as a public company holding company for Selmer and the new Selcol
1964 - MPI sold to PLC (?) in the Midlands
1968 - Selcol plastics close and Selcol-Fairchild replaces Fairchild
1968-1969 - Selmer move all manufacturing and distribution to Braintree plant
1969- Move completed
1972 - John Cockrane (Managing Director) retires
Approximately 1974 - Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI) take-over Selmer
1980/82 - Production ceases

Selcol and Selmer, of guitar, organ and amplifier fame, were both 'owned' by Musical & Plastics Industries (MPI), Selmer being originally formed under license from its Henri Selmer owned French parent - also called Selmer.

Selcol as an offshoot; was set up in 1953 at the same time as MPI and seems to have been the plastics division and 'Toy' arm, although they were also involved in producing children's records - to be listed under Gala-Goldentone elsewhere. As Selcol were behind several brands of Children's 78 and 45rpm record ranges (and floppy discs; some attached to the covers of comics/children's periodicals as premiums), it would seem that the whole facility at Braintree's 'Selmer' was Selcol?

They used various hard plastics and disc 'vinyl' including their own in-house branded Styron. Selcol also made plastic garden furniture along with the ranges of kits and toys. J. G. Garratt dates them 1955-1960, but we know vinyl record production only ceased in [late?] 1968, when Selmer moved its electronic instrument production to the Braintree factory from the plant in Holborn, London.

Best known for their Airfix-style 6" figure kits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I - among others, they also carried a range of automotive model kit, these seem to have been Strombecker kits and might have been licensed, produced under a mould-share or simply re-packs? Garrett also talks of oval (?) 54mm medieval figures on plastic horses, I wonder if he's thinking of Mallable Mouldings or one of the French imports like Acedo? Presumably this was all coming out of the Braintree works too?

Selcol also manufactured plastic instruments including the much sought after Beatles and Elvis Presley licensed toy guitars and drum kits at that Essex factory. Plastic production ceased in late 1968, the story then moves to Fairchild (see their entry) and soft polyethylene, although the exact nature of the relationship, or the place of either Selcol or Fairchild in it are currently unknown.

Selmer continued production of electronics and 'grown-ups' musical instruments from Essex.
They (probably as Selmer) supplied their musical movements to other toy companies, Mettoy being one recipient for their (Mettoy's) musical tin jack-in-a-box.

Made in England
Made in England - A Selcol Product
Selcol - Made in England
Vogue - Made in England
Vogue - Made in England - A Selcol Product

General Toys
- Space Man with Hand-held Bazooka (ex-Best, also copied/licensed (or just heat-stamped) by someone in/to Europe supplying Bonux with premiums)
- Dan Dare Vision Master Telescope
- Dice Cup (polyethylene, various colours)
No. 1052 - Dr. Who and the Daleks Nursery Toy (blow-moulded Dalek)
- Sit 'N' Ride Scooter (pedal cycle with outrider-wheels)
-Speed Cop Motorcycle & Rider (self balancing motion toy motorcycle, black rubber wheels, 5" long)
- Western 6-Shooter Rifle
- Slot-racing Car (red body, driver, approximately 1:24th scale?)

Flintstone Money Banks (bagged with header-card)
- Barney
- Betty
- Fred
- Wilma

Model Village (O-gauge or G-Scale garden railway accessories, blow-moulded polyethylene with expanded-PS foam filling, approximately 1:32nd Scale)
- Church Hall
- Church Steeple/Spire
- Cottages (design 1)
- Cottages (design 2)
- Farm House 
- Hexagonal Barn Structure (rotunda/market cross/corn exchange)
- Public House ('The Railway Arms'?)

Selcol De-Luxe Hobby Kits (styrene 6" figure kits, designed by E. Meister)
- Elizabeth I
- Henry VIII 1509-1547
- Richard I

Musical Instruments (various plastics, 'the' ignored in all entries)
- Beatles Big Six Guitar (six-string)
- Beatles New Beat Guitar
- Beatles New Beat Ringo Starr Drum & Stand
- Beatles New Sound Guitar (four-string)
- Beatles Red Jet Electric Guitar (six-string)
- Beatles Junior Guitar (four-string)
- Bird Whistle
Crackerjack Rhythm Band (boxed set of cymbals, maracas, tambourine, tri-angle, wrist/ankle bells)
No.443 - Elvis Presley Guitar (four-string)
No.451- Jazz Guitar (four-string)
- Kazoo
- Melody Maker Banjo
- Official Elvis Presley Ukette
- Original Elvis Presley Rock n' Roll Guitar (four-string)
- Penny Whistle
- Recorder
- Red Jet Electric Guitar (1963, six-string)
- Silvertone Trumpet (plastic with metal plungers)
- Siren Whistle
- Slide Whistle
- Swanee Whistle
- Trad Jazz Special (four-string guitar)
- Trumpet
No. 734 - Yogi Bear Guitar (four-string)

As Vogue
- Combination Lock 'Pillar-box' Post-box Money Box (this author had one!)
- Tubby Trex Combination Lock 'Seaside' Pillar Money Box (Trex lard premium)
Vogue Range (by Selcol)
- Buddha Ashtray
- 'Merry Drunk' Ashtray ("Oh What a Beautiful Evenin'!!" decorated Ivorene on Bakelite base)
- 'Merry Drunk' Ashtray ("But Smoking is Harmless" undecorated Ivorene on Bakelite base)
- 'Three Monkeys' Ashtray ("And Don't Flick Your Ash" die-cast monkeys)

Other Items (listed alphabetically)
549 - Ballerina Roundelay (musical cigarette box/dispenser, decorated)
- Barrel-organ Music Toy (with soft-toy monkey, card and tin-plate with movement)
- Collapsible/Telescoping Picnic Cup
- Melody Maker Basket (card and tin-plate with movement)
- Oriental Roundelay (musical cigarette box/dispenser, white/decorated)
- Powerful Microscope
- Santa Music Box (card and tin-plate with movement)
543 - Standard Roundelay (musical cigarette box/dispenser, dark, undecorated Bakelite)

They Say
"The new people in plastics with new ideas"

Thanks to 
Graham Smith (Model village info.)

Selmer History

See Also
Farming in Miniature (FIM) Volume 2

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sanitarium Health Food Company

Sydney, Australia
New Zealand

Edward Halsey - Founder

1898 - Company founded
1926 - The Grain Company launches Weet-Bix
1928 - Sanitarium acquires Grain Company
1932 - Weetabix Limited formed in the UK

See also: Commonwealth

My introduction to Sanitarium came via my interest in the various copies and clones of the Commonwealth manufactured Dolls of Our World from the 1950's. Once I discovered Sanitarium the information started to come thick and fast, but one should bear in mind that this history is heavy in doll references.

Sanitarium were an established cereal and dry foods producer with their own antipodean market, who are best known in the figure-collecting world for sourcing the 'World Doll' figures from/ex-Commonwealth as a traditional (by the 1970's) free gift/premium to add to their breakfast cereals in order to increase sales. The question is how they did that, and what their relationship was with either Commonwealth or the mould tools!

They also produced/sourced other premiums for their cereal packs, including a set of 'tea' cards with world costumes. Each card has a male and female in local/folk, traditional or festive dress of some kind, and most of the cards seem to mirror the nations included in the three plastic series'.
Weet-Bix their most famous cereal, issued - on the main - paper products; 'tea' (or cigarette!) cards, postcards, stickers, rub-down transfers and lenticulars. I will list them separately on a Weet-Bix post on the 'W' page, but linked-back to here for the history.

Sanitarium is linked to two of the bigger names in the breakfast cereal industry over a hundred years, including America's Kellogg's, and the UK's Weetabix. Founded by Edward Halsey, Sanitarium was fortunate to be given cereal recipes by/from Kellogg's Battle Creek sanatorium and quickly established itself as a 'player' in the antipodean cereals market with their flaked-wheat biscuit: Granose. A rival - The Grain Company - invented a similar, but malted, sweetened cereal biscuit - the Weet-Bix - and was promptly bought-out by Sanitarium!

Sanitarium are still extant, still independent and still secretive (like a lot of companies in the cereal industry), they are also controversial, as their religious links give them a tax status many rivals see as an unfair advantage in an open market.

The recipe was carried to the UK by several South African Seventh Day Adventists, who established Weetabix here, and more on that will be found on the relevant posts as they are published.

Early New Zealand (1962)
- Colonial Soldier
- Colonist (Top Hat)
- Maori Chief with Mere
- Maori Girl with Poi
- Maori Warrior with Taiaha
- Maori Warrior with Tewhatewha
- Miner of the Otago Gold Rush
- Miner’s Wife

Circus (1970's? Copies of Crescent/Kellogg's set; similar to but better than Hong Kong/Maysun vertions and mono-coloured in mustard yellow, sky blue, subdued red, candy pink, lemon yellow and turquoise)
- Lion Standing on Box
- Elephant on Tub
- Running Horse
- Prancing, Plumed Horse
- Ringmaster with Whip
- Kneeling Weightlifter
- Clown with Umbrella and Cup
- Clown Juggling with Fitness Batons
- Dancer (from running horse, but on own base)
- Boxing Kangaroo (with gloves, unique sculpt)

Farm Animals (1970's? Copies in primary colours, plus black, white and cream)
- Cock, Hen and 2 chicks (ex-Cresent)
- Two Lambs (ex-Cresent)
- Calf (ex-Cresent)
- Foal (ex-Cresent)
- Sheep (ex-Cresent)
- Donkey (ex-Britains)
- Sheep Dog (ex-Britains?)
- Goat (ex-Britains?)

Brave Breeds (Dogs, 1971 - Honey Weets, Puffed Wheat, Ricies and Weeta Puffs)
- Australian Terrier
- Basset Hound
- Beagle
- Boxer
- Bulldog
- Collie
- Dachshund ('Sausage dog')
- German Shepherd (Alsatian)
- Greyhound
- Kelpie
- Scottish / Highland Terrier ('Scottie dog')
- Spaniel
Horses (1976; Australia, 1978; New Zealand, hollow - Hong Kong style, with flat side to inner face of legs, Honey Weets, Mini Weet-bix, Popped Rice, Puffed Wheat, Skippy Corn Flakes and Weeta Puffs)
- American Pony (standing, short tail)
- Clydesdale (heavy horse with harness)
- English Thoroughbred (racehorse with rider)
- Hackney (some horse furniture, left leg raised/bent)
- Hunter (standing)
- Pinto (rearing, on circular base)
- Quarter Horse (trotting)
- Shire Horse (heavy horse)
- Suffolk Punch (heavy horse with bobbed tail)
- Welsh Pony Mare (slight moulding)
- Welsh Pony Foal (crude, lumpy moulding, not issued in New Zealand)

Ex-Commonwealth Dolls
1971 - Mini (or a full 'Miniature'?) National Dress (hard polystyrene, all old Commonwealth sculpts and all depicting European nations)
- Czechoslovakia
- Denmark
- England
- Finland
- France
- Holland
- Italy
- Norway
- Scotland
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
1973 - Mini Exotic Dress (hard polystyrene, five new poses, all Asia-Pacific/Pacific-edge nations)
- Burma (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Ceylon (non-Commonwealth pose)
- China
- China Mandarin (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Hawaii
- India
- Japan
- Japan Kimono (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Japan Samurai (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Java
- Korea
- Siam
1979 - Miniature National Costumes (soft polyethylene with cavity-bases, five new poses, eight simplified older ex-Commonwealth poses, all European nations, some repeated from '71 issue)
- Czech [Czechoslovakia]
- Germany
- Greece (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Holland
- Hungary (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Italy
- Portugal
- Scotland
- Spain (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Switzerland
- Turkey (non-Commonwealth pose)
- Yugoslavia (non-Commonwealth pose)

Other Premiums
- Planes
- Cars (?)
- Costume Cards (like tea/cigarette cards)

Mini Frizbees
Cards and Stickers
Doll page on 'Home Blog'
Sanitarium on 'Home Blog'

What This Entry Needs
All the modern stuff - contacts, addresses etc...
A bit more history?
There are many more premiums to come!
Sources for the premiums, especially the Commonwealth sculpts

Friday, 1 January 2016

BNS Bergal, Nico & Solitaire Vertriebs GmbH - Solitär - Solitaire (Lederfett - Boot Polish)

Rheinallee 96
D-55120 Mainz

GmbH located in Mainz
Registration Office Mainz - HRB 6983
Tax ID number: DE 204 71 53 51

Telephone: +49 (0) 61 31 - 9 64 04
Fax: +49 (0) 61 31 - 9 64 25 15
E-Mail: info@bns-mainz.com

CEO's: Marc Christian Bals and Frank Sauter

Still extant manufacturer of polish and products for shoe and leather goods. issued some premiums, probably in the 1950/60's. Originally called Solitär, the company now seems to encompass various brands with a strong presence in Russia, however there is no modern link with toys and I'm not about to start researching household product companies for the hell of it!

Toys may have been made by Manurba or Siku, only the airliner in the link to the main Blog article has been found so far.

Current Website (English, German and Russian)
On The Main Blog

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sunlight Pretty (Shanghai) Gift Co., Ltd. - Ximeitoys

This is a malware/clickbait ID, not a genuine toy company.

Mobile: +86 13500501643
skype: crystal19940424
eMail: ximeitoys@vip.126.com
Website: http://sunlightpretty.com (blank Page)
Webpage: http://www.tjpa-china.org/enshop/92217 (no products)
Websearch Result: http://www.tjpa-china.org/jsp/toyEnFront/usershop/hydp/contact.jsp%3Fshopname%3D92217 (malware warning)
Websearch Result: http://www.tjpa-china.org/pagecontrol.do?action=getUserShopEn&object=SupplyManagerAction&shopname=92217 (Page-holder)
Address: No.1566, Zhongan village, Xinchang town, Pudong district, Shanghai, China (probably false)

Ms. Crystal - 'Sales'?

What They Say